Hunters & Fishermen

To assist you in the safe and quick shipment of your firearms and trophies the following rules have been implemented:

  • A Wildlife Permit is required to remove any wildlife or wildlife parts, other than a manufactured product, from the NWT or Nunavut. Wildlife Export Permits are available at Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development offices in most communities.

Antlers, Meats, Hides

Antlers, meats, and hides will not be shipped as baggage any more.

  • All antlers must be shipped as cargo.
  • Normal tariff will be charged and, due to their size and dimensional weight will be charged.
  • All shipments will be clearly tagged and sent collect.
  • Our Edmonton office will contact our freight forwarder (Talon Distribution) to make pick up arrangements and they will arrange furtherance out of Edmonton to final destination.
  • Shipments must include consignee’s name, complete address, contact phone numbers, and most importantly, the NWT Export Permit must accompany each shipment.
  • Antlers must be completely cleaned and meat free. If they arrive in Edmonton uncleaned, the freight forwarder will make arrangements with a local taxidermist to have them cleaned. Any extra charges as a result will be added to the cost of the shipment.
  • To avoid damage in transit, the freight forwarder will be crating all antlers. All crating charges will be added to the cost of the shipment.
  • All expenses include Canadian North cargo services or any extra packing/cleaning requirement will be billed directly from the freight forwarder upon delivery.

Packaging of Animal/Fish Products

  • All shipments must be clean and clear of blood and packaged in such ways as no spillage or seepage will occur.
  • Antler tips must be covered as so not to puncture other shipments and or baggage. Antlers must be completely clean of all meat.
  • Outer Cartons should be wax treated and the inner carton must be a leak proof Styrofoam box. The product should be contained in one 9mil plastic bag (or two 4mil bags) along with gel packs.
  • Vacuum Packaged meat: Outer carton should be wax treated and the vacuum packaged meat must be contained in one 9mil plastic or two 4mil plastic bags.

Canadian North will accept the following packaging providing the shipper signs a waiver releasing Canadian North from any responsibility of spoilage:

  • Outer carton should be wax coated and the inner carton must be a leak proof, wax soaked cardboard liner. The product should be contained in one 9mil plastic bag (or two 4mil bags) along with gel packs.
  • Each container should be of a size and weight for convenient handling. The weight of an individual package must not exceed 32 kilograms.
  • Boxes must be able to withstand two or more similar containers being stacked on top without crushing.
  • Only gel packs are accepted as a refrigerant.
  • Fresh meat, hides, and capes packed in salt will not be accepted.
  • "This side Up" and "Perishable" must be marked prominently on at least two vertical walls of each container. Each box must have the consignee's complete address and contact information, including telephone number.
  • Shipments with inadequate packaging, leaking, or not meeting any of the above, will be refused. All shipments of game meat/meat products/antlers/hides must be prepaid.


  • All firearms are subject to inspection, on request, by the members of the RCMP or Canadian North staff.
  • The carriage of ammunition or restricted articles is subject to rules specified under I.A.T.A. restricted article carriage. Firearms must be unloaded with the bolt removed and stored in a locked case.
  • Shippers are required to complete a firearms declaration available at all Canadian North Cargo locations.

For further information on special cargo contact your local Canadian North Cargo office.