Checked Baggage

Checked Baggage Allowances, Guidelines and Fees

The checked baggage allowance, guidelines and fees that apply to you will differ, depending on whether your ticket consists of Canadian North flights only, or if it also consists of flights operated by our partner airlines.

You can check in 2 pieces of baggage at no extra cost, as long as each of these pieces meets the following guidelines:

  • For all jet flights
    - Maximum Weight - 70 lbs (32 kg)*
    - Maximum Size - 62" (158 cm) each (the sum of the height, width and depth)

    *including all passengers connecting to/from turbo-prop aircraft
  • For all turbo-prop flights
    - Maximum Weight - 50 lbs (23 kg)**
    - Maximum Size - 62" (158 cm) each (the sum of the height, width and depth)

    ** for passengers not connecting to/from jet service

Aurora Concierge Gold and Diamond customers travelling on Canadian North flights can check in 1 additional piece of baggage at no extra cost, as long as it meets the above weight and size guidelines.


  • If the first flight on your ticket is operated by a Canadian North partner airline rather than Canadian North, the partner airline’s checked baggage guidelines, allowances and fees will apply to you for that flight and all other flights in your itinerary. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the partner airline’s baggage policies, including their guidelines, allowances and fees:
    - Air Canada
    - Calm Air
    - First Air 
    - WestJet
  • If the first flight on your ticket is operated by Canadian North, Canadian North's checked baggage guidelines, allowances and fees will apply to you for that flight and all other flights on your ticket.


  • If any single piece of baggage is over 100 lbs (45 kg) or if its size is over 115" (292 cm), it will not be accepted for carriage as checked baggage. Please make arrangements to ship through your local Canadian North cargo office by calling 1-866-663-2223.
  • Children will receive the same free allowance as adults regardless of fare type. Infants travelling without a ticket will only be allowed 1 piece. Customers travelling with an infant will be allowed a collapsible stroller or other baby carrier or device in addition to the allotted free allowance.

Delayed Luggage

In the unlikely event that your luggage has been delayed, you should file a report with the baggage services agent(s) upon arrival at your final destination.  These agents will provide you with a contact number where they can be reached for follow-up.

For select luggage claims, our Airport Customer Service or Central Baggage Services agents may request that you complete our Baggage Declaration Form.

For any inquiries regarding delayed luggage or other luggage claims, you may also call our Central Baggage Office.

Dangerous Goods

It is illegal and extremely dangerous to pack hazardous materials in/as checked luggage. However, certain exceptions have been made to allow some restricted articles that are used everyday to be transported by passengers. Click here for details.

Dry Ice

Passengers are allowed to check non-hazardous perishable items packed with carbon dioxide, solid (dry ice) provided the package permits the release of carbon dioxide gas, is in good condition and leak-proof. There is a maximum limit of 2.5 kg (5.5 lb.) of dry ice per passenger. When transported as checked baggage, each package must be marked “Dry Ice” or “Carbon Dioxide Solid” indicating the net weight of 2.5 kg or less.

Firearms and Ammunition

Unloaded firearms can be accepted as either checked luggage or cargo and should be in a locked, hard-sided case. Bolt action firearms must have the bolt removed and packed separately. The passenger is required to sign a FIREARMS tag (AS 030) indicating that the firearm is unloaded and acknowledging the passenger’s responsibility under the criminal code.

Only ammunition in Division 1.4S as defined in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, weighing less than 11 lbs (5 kg) per person will be accepted for carriage as checked luggage only provided it is packed securely, preferably in the manufacturer’s original container or in a container specifically designed for the carriage of small arms ammunition.

Ammunition weighing more than 11 lbs (5 kg) but less than 55 lbs (25 kg) will be accepted as cargo only and must comply with the provisions of the dangerous goods regulations and be documented as such. Ammunition other than 1.4S or ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles will not be accepted as either checked luggage or cargo.

Prohibited Goods

  • Bear spray and bear bangers are prohibited on all Canadian North flights
  • Small lithium battery-powered vehicles are not accepted in either checked baggage, carry-on baggage or cargo due to safety concerns associated to the lithium batteries that power them. Vehicles not accepted include hoverboards, electric skateboards, airwheels, mini-Segways and balance wheels.

Sporting Equipment

  • Hockey Equipment will be accepted as one free piece of baggage towards your free baggage allowance. One piece of hockey equipment is defined as one equipment bag, containing hockey gear plus a maximum of 2 hockey sticks taped together, whether or not presented as a single piece. Equipment bags must weigh no more than 70 lbs. or excess fees will apply. Excess size fees will be waived, providing the bag contains primarily hockey equipment. All hockey equipment must be properly packed for acceptance. Canadian North recommends you wrap hockey sticks in bubble wrap or some form of extra protection and that skate guards are used to protect your gear and other passengers bags from potential damage.
  • Bicycles will be assessed a service charge of $75.00 (plus GST and provincial taxes) and will not be included in determining the free luggage allowance. Bicycles must have handlebars fixed sideways and pedals removed before acceptance. Recommend tires be deflated due to possible pressure change.
  • Fishing equipment will be accepted as checked luggage and will be included in determining the free allowance, and when in excess each item will be subject to the excess luggage charge for a single piece. For the purpose of this provision, one item of fishing equipment is defined as two rods, one reel, one landing net, one pair of fishing boots (all properly encased) and one fishing tackle box whether or not presented as a single piece.
  • Golfing Equipment will be accepted and included in determining the free luggage allowance, and when in excess each item will be subject to the excess luggage charge for a single piece. One item of golf equipment is defined as one golf bag containing not more than 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls, and one pair of golf shoes.
  • Ski Equipment will be accepted and included in determining the free luggage allowance. Any oversize fees will be waived; however overweight fees will apply when applicable. When in excess each item will be subject to the excess luggage charge for a single piece. One item of ski equipment is defined as two skis, poles, boots and helmet, or one snowboard, boots and helmet, or (up to) two water skis whether or not presented as a single piece. All ski equipment must be properly packed for shipping.

Live Animals

  • Live animals accepted as checked luggage (AVIH) will be assessed a service charge (plus GST and provincial taxes) depending on the combined weight and size of the animal and kennel and kennels will not be counted as part of the passenger's free allowance. The following conditions must be met:
  • Minimum 48 hours advance notice is required, and is subject to space availability.
  • Passengers travelling with a live animal as checked luggage must arrive at the airport and check in at the counter a minimum of 90 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time to allow time for proper and safe handling. Passengers that do not meet this cut off time will be denied travel and/or baggage acceptance. To minimize stress, we recommend arriving at the airport and checking in 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • Animals must be harmless, inoffensive, odorless, and require no attention during transit. They must be contained in a passenger supplied kennel or container subject to inspection and approved by Canadian North. The kennel must be large enough for the animal to stand in a natural position, to turn around and to lie down. Cardboard boxes, soft based and wire kennels or containers will not be accepted.
  • Total weight of animal(s), including kennel, must not exceed 182 lbs (83 kg) or 40 x 27 x 30 in (102 x 69 x 76 cm). All AVIH exceeding this weight or size must be shipped as cargo.
    • Limit of two (2) containers allowed per passenger, however this may be further restricted based on aircraft type. All kennels will be measured to ensure they are within allowable size/dimensions. for each aircraft type:
        - B737 and Dash 8 - 27" W x 40" D x 30" H (extra large kennel)Total weight of animal(s),
          including kennel, must not exceed 182 lbs (83 kg).
  • Dogs and cats over 6 months old must be in individual kennels. A maximum of 3 animals from the same litter, up to 6 months old, are permitted in the same kennel.
  • Females in heat, or with suckling young, and weaned puppies under 8 weeks old will not be accepted.
  • Interlining of live animals will not be permitted.
    *Please note - live animals may not be accepted as checked luggage if your travel includes a codeshare flight (Click here for information on codeshare flights.)
  • Please see the Carry-on Luggage Policy for applicable charges when live animals are accepted as carry-on (PETC) baggage.
  • For more information on travelling with a live animal, please click here.

Fragile Luggage

Fragile items will be accepted provided they are packaged in an original factory-sealed carton, cardboard mailing tube or a container or case specifically designed for shipping such items, or packed with protective internal material. Items failing to meet this standard will be accepted only upon completion of the Limited Liability Baggage Tag, located on the back of the automated bag tag. For more packing information, contact your local cargo office or contact Canadian North's cargo department.

Special Items as Luggage

Cremated Human Remains

Canadian North will accept cremated human remains as checked luggage provided they are properly packed with a signed Limited Liability tag. A copy of the death and cremation certificates must be shown to the check-in agent. At airports where there is security screening, cremation containers are subject to screening and may be rejected, whether transported empty or full, as carry-on or checked baggage. You can visit or call 1 800 O-Canada for more information. An alternative to transporting cremated human remains in checked luggage is to contact our cargo department to make shipping arrangements by calling 1-866-663-2223.

Hunting Trophies

For purposes of definition, “game" means the carcass or any part of the carcass i.e. horns or hunting trophies including the skin/fur of any wild or domestically raised fur bearing animal, or wild fowl/birds.

Game as defined above will not be accepted as checked luggage. Please make arrangements to ship through your local Canadian North cargo office by calling 1-800-663-2223. Whenever possible, advance arrangements should be made to avoid delays in shipping.

Exception: fresh/frozen meat or fish will be accepted as checked luggage, and will be included in determining the free allowance and when in excess each item will be subject to the excess luggage charge, provided that the item is properly packaged to prevent any leakage of blood or other fluids, and the customer has completed a Limited Liability Tag.


Under certain conditions, strollers may be accepted as either checked or carry-on luggage. If accepted as checked luggage, a stroller would be excluded from any excess luggage calculations.

Walker Devices

One walker per passenger will be accepted free of charge. Walkers, like wheelchairs, are never included when assessing the number of pieces for calculating excess luggage charges.

If a customer wishes, they may keep their walker up to the cabin door of the aircraft. Walkers will only be stored in the aircraft cabin if they are of the fully collapsible variety.

Excess Luggage

Customers exceeding the free allowance (too many pieces, too heavy, etc) will be assessed an applicable excess luggage fee.

Excess charges can be calculated as follows:

1st excess piece Standby $75
2nd excess piece Standby $100
3rd excess piece* Standby $100
Oversize (length X width X height is greater than 62 inches) $100
Overweight (up to 100lbs/45kg.)** $100
Oversize & Overweight ( Over 100 lbs(45kg) must be transported as cargo) $200
Live animal transport - see here

*Canadian North will accept a maximum of three excess pieces per customer.
Additional pieces must be transported as cargo. **Over 100 lbs. must be transported as cargo.             

Excess Luggage is not guaranteed to travel and may not be on the same flight as you.

Luggage Liability

With some specific exceptions, as outlined in the governing tariffs, Canadian North is liable for the loss of or damage to customer’s luggage while in the care, custody or control of Canadian North. Our liability is limited as follows:

  1. Domestic (wholly within Canada)
    a. Unchecked - $750.00 CAD *see Exclusions 1 and 2
    b. Checked - $750.00 CAD
  2. International (includes transborder and domestic portions of applicable trips)
    a. Unchecked - $660.00 CAD *see Exclusions 1 and 2
    b. Checked - $33.00/kg CAD


  1. Canadian North will not be liable for the loss, damage or delay in delivery of the following items: fragile or perishable articles; Money, Jewellery, Silverware, Negotiable Papers, Securities, Art or other valuables; Spirits, Business Documents, Band/Orchestra Equipment; Household Items; Office Equipment; Cameras/Accessories; or Samples included in passenger’s baggage with or without the knowledge of the carrier.
  2. Canadian North will not liable for injury, sickness or death of a pet accepted for transportation. The owner assumes all responsibility for compliance with any governmental regulations and/or restrictions.
  3. Canadian North is not liable for any consequential damages, such as time, wages or business lost as a result of the loss, damage or delay of any baggage. This applies even if the customer has declared a higher value.
  4. Important: Despite the utmost care we provide in handling your baggage, Canadian North is not responsible for the following: nicks, scratches, missing and damaged pull straps, damaged handles, zipper damage, scuff marks, damage to wheels, soiling, manufacturing defects, damage resulting from over-packing, spillage of packed items or other damage considered to be normal wear and tear.

Excess Valuation

At check-in a passenger may declare a higher valuation on their checked luggage than that which is covered by Canadian North’s normal limit of liability. However, we will not accept liability for loss or damage to certain items (noted previously as Exclusions to liability). For these items, the customer should purchase specific insurance coverage from an insurance firm. For all other items, the following may apply: Declared Value - a customer may declare a higher value than that covered under normal liability up to an additional $750.00 CAD/USD. The maximum declared value may not exceed $1500.00 CAD/USD per customer on domestic flights ($750.00 normal liability plus $750.00 purchased excess valuation).

Excess Valuation If a customer wishes to declare a higher valuation for luggage than that normally provided by a carrier, an excess valuation charge is to be declared. The charges for domestic travel are .50 per $100.00 CAD of extra value or a fraction thereof (not subject to GST). The maximum declared value may not exceed the amounts noted above.

Air Canada Luggage Transfer

Fly Canadian North to connect with Air Canada flights across the country and beyond Edmonton and Ottawa and your checked luggage will be automatically transferred to your final destination. You avoid the hassle of checking it twice. Please present both itineraries for proof of continued travel when you check-in.