May 4, 2016 - Update on our ongoing operations to sites affected by Northern Alberta wildfires

Beginning yesterday evening, all Canadian North team members have been mobilized to safely and efficiently transport people from oil sands sites in Northern Alberta affected by the ongoing wildfires. We will also be transporting food, water and other supplies into these sites. We are working with our oil sands clients to coordinate these operations. Flights will operate throughout the day and as required. We will share updates if necessary.

Our scheduled operations will continue, with some potential changes to departure/arrival times or aircraft type. If you are travelling on a Canadian North scheduled flight, you can contact us at 1.800.661.1505 for updated flight information.

Our thoughts are with the people of Fort McMurray and surrounding areas who have been impacted by these sudden events. We will work hard to transport those affected, with safety always our number one priority.

The following links are good sources for information.

Province of Alberta:
• Twitter:
• Facebook:
• Download the Alberta Emergency Alerts app to your smartphone:

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo:
• Website:
• Twitter: (Search hashtags #ymmfire, #ymm)
• Facebook:
Note - evacuated residents are asked to email with their name, location and confirmation of safety

If you are interested in donating to assistance efforts coordinated by the Canadian Red Cross:
• Red Cross Alberta website:
• Twitter: