August 1, 2017 - Enhanced CATSA screening in effect at select Canadian airports

Beginning July 19, 2017, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) has implemented enhanced screening at select Canadian airports for passengers travelling to all destinations. Enhanced screening may include a secondary search and/or additional screening of electronics the size of a cell phone or larger. Passengers will continue to be randomly selected by CATSA for additional screening, which will now include screening of these electronic devices.

Important tips

All passengers should ensure that covers and protective cases can be easily removed from their electronic devices and that they are charged. Electronic devices that cannot be taken out of their cases or powered on when requested during enhanced screening will not be permitted beyond the screening checkpoint.

Wait times may be longer than usual due to these enhanced security screening measures, so you should be prepared to arrive at the airport early if required.

For more information on CATSA’s enhanced screening, please visit their website here.