August 22, 2017 - Statement from Canadian North regarding the Competition Bureau's review of the Northern air industry

Statement by the President of Canadian North, Steve Hankirk

22 August 2017
Calgary, Alberta

“Canadian North is pleased that the Commissioner of Competition has completed his investigation regarding the Northern air transportation industry. Canadian North cooperated fully with the Commissioner’s investigation.

Importantly, the Bureau’s statement confirms that Canadian North’s competitive response to Go Sarvaq’s proposed entry into the Ottawa-Iqaluit market as a third-party re-seller of aircraft capacity complied with all applicable competition laws.

We understand very well that safe, reliable and efficient air service is not a luxury for Northerners. The flights we operate are a vital lifeline and are essential to the economic health and sustainability of the communities we serve.

The Competition Bureau’s statement acknowledges some of the challenges that Northern air carriers face, including vast distances between small markets, unpredictable weather conditions, limited aviation infrastructure and high fuel costs.

Canadian North understands what is required to succeed within the North’s challenging operating environment. We are able to maintain sustainable operations by offering a diverse mix of passenger, cargo and charter services. Additionally, we work hard to earn the support of our customers, stakeholders and partners by offering competitive pricing, outstanding customer service and a schedule that efficiently meets our customers’ needs.

Canadian North has proudly served the North for over 80 years. We are northern Aboriginal-owned and a major employer in northern communities, with over 700 employees, one-third of whom live in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. We will continue to grow, evolve and invest in our airline to better serve Northerners, with safe operations always our number one priority.”



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