Up Here - May/Jun 2007

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Leslie Nielsen Comes Home

Well-known Canadian actor, Leslie Nielsen travelled ‘home’ on Canadian North to a place he lived when he was young. His father was an RCMP officer in Tulita and Mr. Nielsen was asked to attend a signing of the Tulita Unity Accord, an event sponsored by Canadian North. On his stop through Yellowknife, he took in a tour of the Diavik diamond mine site, attended the Legislative Assembly and had lunch with the staff of Canadian North.

If you can imagine the character he plays in Airplane or the Naked Gun series, you pretty much have him pegged. He was witty, kind and a pleasure to be around – even when he brought out the good ol’ farting machine for our group picture.

A Glimpse Inside

As you enjoy your flight on Canadian North today we would like to tell you about one of our employees who help make our airline soar.

Sid Barber – A New Leash on Cargo

For Sid Barber, customer service comes naturally. He is always trying to make things better for a customer and the following incident truly illustrates this.

Not long ago, Flight 445 experienced a technical problem in Norman Wells and another aircraft was flown in to continue the route. Now, that wouldn’t affect most people – and it didn’t this time either, but it did affect man’s best friend of the canine variety. The new type of aircraft did not allow for a kennel the size that this particular dog inhabited. Sid jumped into action searching for a kennel for the night, other airline opportunities, even keeping the dog in his own no-pets allowed building.

“Sid is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and done right,” says manager, Mike Hollick. “He knows this business very well and when our customers are dealing with Sid, I’m very confident that they are getting a great level of customer service from Canadian North cargo. When I leave the office and Sid is on shift, I know the operation is in good hands.”

“I gave the owner my word that she would have her dog in Calgary and in the end the only way to get there was to drive it down.” Sid explains. “Everyone worries about their pets when they travel by air, but that worry certainly isn’t warranted … we consider them just as important as our passengers. And yes we have “Aurora treats” and sometimes “limo” service too!”

It’s employees like Sid that make Canadian North what it is today.