Up Here - March 2007

Up Here - March 2007

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Enjoy Aurora Concierge

Canadian North’s Aurora Concierge program caters to the frequent traveller and is available to anyone who makes at least 10 return trips on Canadian North each year. To qualify for next year, trips should be taken between November 1, 2006 and October 31, 2007.

Our members enjoy benefits such as special Aeroplan seat availability, additional baggage allowance, complimentary inflight beverages, priority check-in at several of our airports, and priority boarding. In 2006 we were pleased to add access to the Fly-Thru expedited security line in Edmonton to our list of benefits.

Our members tell us the Aurora Concierge program is a highlight of their frequent travel. Here’s what some of them had to say recently.

Canadian North’s customer service is always superb. This loyalty program is another great way they show their commitment to go the extra mile. My Aurora Concierge membership makes the whole flying experience more pleasant and simpler.

I often need to carry extra valuables for my work and I’m grateful for the opportunity to take a third piece of luggage for free. Every time I fly out of Edmonton the Fly-Thru line saves me time. I fly throughout the north so often and it’s nice to be recognized through this program.
Marty Swager, Explore Data

The Aurora Concierge program has a person dedicated to assisting members with ticket changes and to provide helpful and speedy personal assistance. When I call the Aurora Concierge phone number, I’m greeted by someone who knows my name and my travel needs. I have greatly appreciated this service along with so many of the other benefits of Aurora Concierge and I would recommend it to any of my colleagues. I often notice that my bags come off the planes earlier too!
Murray Slezak, Shell Canada

Canadian North is first on my list when choosing an airline. I find their staff (at the check-in counter, on flights or in their corporate offices) always have time for me and go to extra lengths to ensure my travel needs are met. They bring a true northern perspective to their client service. It is a warm welcome when checking in or boarding a plane to be recognized and feel valued. I look forward to “catching up” with many of the staff.

Through the Aurora Concierge program they have broken down many barriers to the inconveniences associated with connecting to other airlines, line ups and additional baggage needs. I believe Canadian North is responding more to northern client needs than to the mere competition out there.

And lastly, it feels great to have my loyalty valued through the additional benefits provided by Aurora Concierge. I see the Aurora Concierge distinction as a "thank you" for flying with us, but truly believe that with or without it – I would still choose you.
Sandra Turner, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, NWT

Our standard class of service, Aurora Class – provides an inflight experience second to none. Enjoy! If you think you might have qualified for the Aurora Concierge program already please call (867) 669-4044.

Snowbirds - Canadian North and Winter Flying

By Laval St. Germain, Chief Pilot Canadian North

Most people who have flown on a Canadian North flight have had experience flying during cold weather. Our airline has years of experience operating in all weather conditions, especially the one season that Canada is famous, in some cases, infamous for – winter. Here are a few common questions we received:

1. Is it more difficult to fly when it’s cold?
Yes, because similar to automobiles, operating machinery in bitter cold requires more preparation like preheating engines, block-heaters, window scraping or aircraft de-icing.

No, because an airplane performs better at cold temperatures. Using some complicated thermodynamic calculations I can show that as air temperature drops, the density of the air increases, but I’ll spare you. This ‘denser’ air means that the engines develop more power than they develop on a warm day – the aircraft has more ‘get up and go’ on a cold day. Combined with the increase in engine power we get an increase in lift. The cold air flowing over and under the wings allows the wings to make more ‘lifting force’.

2. Runways must be slippery and more difficult to take off from and land on in cold weather?
Runways are just like roads in some respects to winter conditions but runways differ in the treatment they receive and in the way we, as pilots, prepare for possible poor conditions. Runways get a lot more care and attention from snow plows, sweepers and graders. Analysis of a runway’s friction is also provided to our pilots. This is performed by a vehicle mounted decelerometer which measures how quickly a vehicle stops when brakes are applied. This measurement is expressed as a coefficient of friction called the CRFI (Canadian Runway Friction Index). Pilots and dispatchers will take this CRFI value and chart wind speed, wind direction and aircraft weight to determine if the runway conditions are safe – if not, we simply do not land or take off and the airports maintenance crews continue working on the runway.

3. De-icing or spraying the wings must be an inconvenience?
Yes, because it results in departure delays and inconvenience for you, our passengers.

No, because it’s a fact of life and a necessity when operating in Canadian winters. Ice and snow that sticks to an aircraft’s wings cause the high speed air that flows over and under the wing to become rough or turbulent. Imagine a creek flowing over a rocky creek bottom, resulting in ripples and rapids. This turbulent air reduces the wing’s lift and increases the drag on the wing. We remove any snow or ice that is sticking using brooms, blowers or de-icing fluid. De-icing fluid is a heated ethylene or propylene glycol based fluid which is sprayed over the entire aircraft to wash off and melt off any ice or snow on the aircraft. The de-icing fluid is either orange or green in color and due to the high glycol content has a very low freeze point.

As you look out your window, while sitting in a warm aircraft, gazing at the spectacular winter landscape of the Canadian north passing underneath, know that all of our staff are more than comfortable and specially trained to deal with the hardships and benefits of our winter.

All of our employees at Canadian North certainly appreciate your patience when dealing with the inevitable winter delays, and we all wish you a very pleasant flight.

Inuvik Youth Centre

Canadian North is proud to be a supporter of the Inuvik Youth Centre which currently hosts a number of programs for youth between the ages of 6 and 19. The Inuvik Youth Centre receives incredible support from community members who volunteer their time to help serve the youth of Inuvik better. Programs include: drug awareness, athletics, BP-IYC Environmental Club, craft night, Young Entrepreneurs, educational workshops, games night, literacy programs, photography, Teen zine, work experience and youth leadership. Visit their website to learn more www.inuvikyouthcentre.org.

Canadian North Cargo

Canadian North offers comprehensive cargo service throughout both northern and southern Canada quickly and efficiently with our dedicated northern services and competitive rates with our partners in southern Canada.

A Service for Every Shipment

Choose from three levels of service to meet every shipment need:

  • GAD – Guaranteed Cargo. Our premium service for time-sensitive shipments where your cargo travels on the specific flight you book.
  • EXP – Express Cargo. Door-to-door service includes pick-up and delivery between all our service points for maximum convenience.
  • GCR – General Service. For fast, economical shipment service. Canadian North Cargo also offers special specific commodity rates (perishables, food stuffs, etc.) on request, competitive, high volume shipper rates and Canada-wide pick-up and delivery services.

One Call Does it All

Call Canadian North Cargo toll-free 1-866-663-2223 for pick-up and delivery and complete cargo information or visit our Cargo section for more information.

Canadian North Cargo Sales

For more information contact Mike Lang at 867-669-4031 or mlang@canadiannorth.com.

Track and Trace

Do you have a cargo account with Canadian North? Want to keep track of all the cargo shipments you have on the go? Contact Canadian North to set up a profile for you. Call 1-867-669-4031 today or visit Track and Trace online.