December 2002 - Char Fishermen Catch More Than They Bargained For

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                December 17, 2002

Char Fishermen Catch more than they bargained for –

Seven char fisherman caught the Christmas spirit in August. The fisherman from Calgary and Red
Deer Alberta flew up to Cambridge Bay to do some serious char fishing at one of the lodges. On their
way out from camp they were hosted by the Lyall family to clean up before the flight and it was there
they had the privilege of meeting Bernice Lyall and her two sons Jordon and Brandon.

“The boys were a couple of spit fires and they were so excited to tell us about their hockey,” says
Bruce Sherley, one of the three in the group that came up from Calgary. They talked about the kids
in the community and how the arena often goes unused because the kids just don’t have the
appropriate equipment.

After the goodbye’s and thank you’s the seven of the men talked about the lack of hockey equipment
in the community and what they could do to return the hospitality of the people of Cambridge Bay.
But instead of just talking, they took action. Most of the fishermen have kids who have benefited from
playing hockey and wanted the kids in Cambridge Bay to have the same opportunity.

Fishermen:  Calgary         Bruce Sherley, Tom Wieseman, Les Johannesen
                       Red Deer     Lawrence Ferries, Bob Mullen, Robert Short

Together with the General Manager of the Crowchild Twin Arenas in Calgary, Pat Laughton, they
embarked on a campaign to gather new and used hockey equipment. They placed posters on the
bulletin board explaining where Cambridge Bay was in Nunavut, so people could see where their
equipment would end up. After two months they had over 400 pieces of equipment in all different

Now they had to get it there. Canadian North was contacted by one of the seven fisherman and once
the cargo sales person in Calgary, Stuart Russell, heard of their ambitious quest the airline signed on
as a participant. His company threw in 100 pucks and whistles. The equipment is scheduled to be
shipped today for Christmas where it will be distributed by the community leaders in Cambridge Bay.

Who knew that seven fisherman from Alberta would turn out playing Santa for hundreds of kids in the

For more information contact:
Tom Wieseman (Fisherman) – 403-630-6524
Bruce Sherley (Fisherman) – 403 264-4985
Bill Lyall (Fishing Lodge Owner) – (hm) 867 983-2544 (wk) 867 983-2201
Stuart Russell (Canadian North Cargo) – 403 512-4909
Petrina McDaniel (Travel Arrangements or Photo collection Canadian North) – 780 430-9341
Photo Op.: If any media wish to capture the delivery of the equipment, Canadian North is willing to provide the transportation to Cambridge Bay from Edmonton or Yellowknife. Today or Thursday
Photos Provided: Photos are available through Canadian North’s advertising agency. Please contact Robert Reddekopp at (403) 571-0762 or e-mail: for pictures pertaining to this release.