Who We Are

History and Ownership

Canadian North and its founding companies (Canadian Airlines, Pacific Western Airlines, Transair, Nordair) has proudly served Canada’s North with passenger and cargo services for more than 80 years. Offering scheduled flights to 18 destinations, Canadian North’s close-to 700 employees proudly serve the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, via the southern gateways of Edmonton and Ottawa. Canadian North is also the premier provider of fly-in/fly-out charter services for large resource sector clients requiring safe, efficient and economical air transportation. Charter flights are also offered across North America for sports teams, cruise lines and large groups. Canadian North is a subsidiary of the Inuvialuit Development Corporation, representing the Inuvialuit of the Western Arctic.

Our Role in the North

Canadian North’s mission is to be the premier air carrier serving Northern Canada. Our inflight experience is one of service and comfort, speaking to our patrons in English, French and Inuktitut, we want our customers to feel at home. We take great pride in the role we also play in the communities of the North, working to make it a vibrant place to work, live and grow. We currently employ over 700 employees, 1/3 of whom work in the North. In 2013, Canadian North provided over $2.3 million to our Northern community partners.

Community Support

At Canadian North, we believe in investing in the communities we serve.  To read more about our commitment to the North, or to apply for sponsorship support, please click here.

Canadian North's Brand

Canadian North's logo was developed to embody the strength, boldness, beauty and promise of the North.

Three symbols, unique to the North, are used to communicate our airline:

  • The Polar Bear

       Like Canadian North, the polar bear thrives in a land where opportunity is gained through hard work, smart thinking, and quick action.  Like the polar bear, we are tenacious in meeting the challenges of our environment through strength, endurance, fortitude and thoughtful action.

  • The Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights

The northern lights and midnight sun depict the beauty, mystery and ever-changing nature of the North. These elements are symbolic of Canadian North’s free-moving spirit and willingness to change to better meet the needs of those who fly the northern skies. The two swirls found in the northern lights are a reflection of the people of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories who are not only our owners, but the people we serve. Like the northern lights and the midnight sun, we are a familiar part of the northern sky.

Together with our theme “seriously northern,” our logo expresses Canadian North's unique understanding of the land we serve and our commitment to meeting the travel requirements of its people.