Country Foods

Canadian North offers a new flat rate of $1.50/kg* on country foods shipments.


Locally harvested traditional foods (fish, wild birds & game), meeting these conditions.

  • For non-commerical purposes.
  • Applicable for transport on Canadian North inter-community routes or from Nunavut and NWT communites to Yellowknife, Edmonton and Ottawa only.
  • All requests for pick-up and delivery must be pre-arranged with Canadian North. (Please note that pick up and delivery service is not available at all locations.)

Required Permits:

  • A Wildlife Permit is required to remove any wildlife or wildlife parts, other than a manufactured product, from the NWT or Nunavut.
  • Wildelife Export Permits are available at Environment & Natural Resources offices in most communities.
  • See for more information in the NWT.
  • In Nunavut, please check with your local Gov't of Nunavut Environment Office or phone 1-866-222-9063.

Proper Packaging:

  • All shipments must be clean and clear of blood
  • Fresh meat, hides and capes packed in salt will not be accepted
  • To prevent movement or damage within the package, use inner cushioning with leak-proof barriers for liquid items
  • Choose a strong and durable outer packaging
  • Each container should be of a size and weight for convenient handling. The weight of an individual package must not exceed 32 kilograms.
  • Clearly mark name and phone number of shipper and consignee on a highly visible area on the package exterior
  • Label the package "FRAGILE", "FREEZER", "COOLER", "DO NOT FREEZE", or "THIS WAY UP" where appropriate
  • Remove old labels if using recycled boxes or packaging
  • For additional information, please contact the local cargo office or visit the Cargo Rules Tariff

* Plus applicable taxes and surcharges. $20 minimum charge applies.