Cargo claims

Canadian North is dedicated to delivering your cargo shipment safely and on time. If a mishandling of your cargo shipment occurs it is necessary for you to submit a claim. Remember that the sooner information of a claim is provided, the sooner we can resolve it.

Please read the instructions for completing a cargo claim and then complete the cargo claim form which is provided below.

Please note that before any claim can be considered, all outstanding transportation charges must first be paid.

Steps to Make a Claim

The following steps are required to help us in concluding your claim as quickly as possible. 

  • You must submit to Canadian North an intention to claim within fifteen (15) days after receipt of your shipment.
  • A formal claim must follow your written intent within one hundred and twenty (120) days after receipt of your shipment. 
  • The claim information should include the following: 
    • A completed and signed Cargo Claim Form
    • The amount of the claim and the calculation method 
    • Purchase invoices and / or repair invoices in the case of damage 
    • A copy of a T5 as filled out by an agent at the base where the damage was noted
    • A copy of a B3 if you are claiming duty and taxes 
  • Cargo Claim Instruction Sheet - These instructions provide details on how to complete a cargo claim. 
  • Cargo Claim Form - This printable form needs to be completed and then emailed, mailed or faxed to Canadian North. 
    • Cargo Claims email address:

    • Cargo Claims mailing address: 
      Cargo Claims 
      Canadian North Inc.
      Unit 101, 3731 – 52 Ave East
      Edmonton International Airport
      T9E 0V4
    • Cargo Claims fax number: