To ensure comprehensive protection of your cargo shipments, Canadian North offers "all risk" insurance at competitive rates. 

Valuation & Liability

Valuation Charges

All valuable shipments are assessed a flat valuable handling fee and a valuation charge which is calculated as a percentage of the declared value for air transport.


Canadian North Cargo liability is limited by tariffs and international agreements. This liability may be further limited if the Declared Value or Description of Goods is misrepresented or falsified by the shipper.



Canadian North Cargo, as intermediary, can arrange insurance for your valuable shipments. You or your shipping agent must simply request Shipper's Cargo Insurance when the air waybill is issued.


The shipper must specify the currency of the insurance amount requested. Insurance premiums (stated in percentages) will be assessed on the insurance amount requested. Premiums and losses are payable in the insured currency, or the equivalent in the local currency at the point of settlement.


Your insurance coverage takes effect as soon as your shipment is paid for and is accepted by Canadian North Cargo. Coverage ends when your shipment is accepted by the consignee, or 30 days after the shipment arrives at the destination airport, whichever occurs first.

Limits of Liability

Should a portion of your insured cargo be lost, coverage will reflect the percentage this portion represents of the total value of the shipment, unless otherwise stated. For example: if the portion lost represents 25% of the total value of your shipment, you will receive 25% of the maximum insurance coverage.

Exclusion from Liability

Claims arising from the following causes will not be honoured by the insurance company:

  • Seizure by government or other authorities.
  • Deterioration of market value due to delayed delivery.
  • Consequences of war, riots, strikes or civil commotion.
  • Loss due to cold and/or pressure, unless otherwise stated.

Amount of Value for Insurance Purposes

The shipper may purchase insurance for the invoice value of the goods and up to an additional 50%. The shipment will be accepted with the shipper's value for insurance with the understanding that, in the event of loss or damage, the insurer shall not be liable for more than the actual established cash value at the time and place of loss, as substantiated by commercial invoices.

Limits of Insurance

Insurance shall not be issued for more than $25,000 on any one (1) shipment. (Canadian dollars).

Insurance coverage is NOT available for the following:

  • Interline (transfer) traffic of carvings or furs (dressed or undressed) including fur garments but excluding personal effects.
  • Fur shipments originating, terminating or transiting in New York City.
  • Damage caused by inherent vice or by the nature of the property insured.
  • Glass or items damaged by glass breakage.

Contact your local Canadian North Cargo office for more information.