Special Needs

Canadian North is committed to removing the barriers that prevent people from travelling by air. In order to meet that goal, we provide special services to any of our passengers needing or requesting assistance. From check-in to arrival and everything in between, our staff are happy to meet your needs.

The below policies apply to all flights operated by Canadian North. Please contact the operating carrier directly for flights operated by another carrier.

Making our Flights Accessible to Everyone

In order to serve you better, we ask that passengers requiring assistance notify Canadian North 48 hours prior to departure. Regardless, with less than 48 hours, we will still make every effort to accommodate your requests. For further information, please call Canadian North Reservations at 1-800-661-1505.

Mobility Aids

We know that everyone’s travel needs are unique. Passengers with special needs may carry the following aids as checked luggage in addition to their free luggage allowance without charge:

  • Electric wheelchairs 
  • Scooters or manually operated rigid-frame wheelchairs (on aircraft with more than 60 seats) 
  • Manually-operated folding wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches or braces
  • Communication devices
  • Prostheses
  • Other medical devices

Persons in manually operated wheelchairs may remain in their wheelchairs:

  • Until they reach the gate where facilities permit
  • While moving between the terminal and the aircraft door where space and facilities permit
  • While moving between the terminal and the passenger seat 

Small mobility aids may be carried within the passenger cabin without charge and where space permits. When a mobility aid cannot be carried in the passenger cabin, we will safely disassemble and package it for the flight, unpackaging, reassembling and returning it promptly upon arrival at destination. 

The Medical Desk (Meda Desk)

Dedicated to meeting specialized medical requirements as well as assisting disabled passengers, our Meda Desk staff demonstrate sensitivity and awareness toward all specific travel needs.

To reach the Meda Desk call 1-506-547-7065, or call our toll-free reservations number and ask for the Meda Desk.

Personal and Medical Attendants and Attendant Fares

Canadian North always endeavours to support passengers with disabilities or medical needs. However our staff may not always have all the resources necessary to meet the needs of our passengers when additional assistance is required.  When determined by the passenger, the airline or the passenger's physician, any able bodied person(s) over 18 years of age, capable of assisting the passenger and attending to all their personal or medical needs during flight, will be entitled to a guaranteed fare. (Please note that the attendant fare will only apply upon completion and submission of a T43 Incapacitated Passenger Declaration Form from the passenger's physician at least 48 hours before your travel date. Please call our Reservations Team toll free a t1-800-661-1505 and ask for the Medical Desk for further assistance.

A personal attendant must be capable of assisting a non- self-reliant passenger to an exit in the event of an emergency. Personal Attendants providing only personal assistance need not be a doctor, nurse or medical professional, providing the passenger does not require medical attention during the flight. A Personal Attendant will be required if a passenger cannot independently:

  • Reach an emergency exit unaided
  • Use washroom facilities unaided
  • Understand and act upon safety instructions
  • Fasten or Unfasten a seat belt
  • Retrieve and fit a life jacket
  • Fit an oxygen mask
  • Eat, drink or take medication without assistance

Medical attendants must be a licensed medical professional and must be capable of assisting a non-self -reliant passenger with all medical needs including the operation of medical equipment.

Self-reliant passenger:

A self-reliant passenger is self-sufficient and capable of taking care of all his or her needs during a flight, including receiving, understanding and acting upon safety instructions.  They require no special or unusual attention beyond that afforded to other passengers, except assistance with boarding or deplaning.


Stretchers can be accommodated on our B737-200 and Dash 8 aircraft, however all arrangements / reservations must be made in advance through the Meda Desk. Please note that stretchers cannot be accommodated on our B737-300 aircraft.


Although Canadian North does not provide oxygen on board, we accept certain gaseous oxygen and portable oxygen concentrators on board. We also can supply a portable oxygen concentrator with adequate notice and medical clearance. We strongly recommend that you provide the Canadian North MEDA desk with a minimum notice of 48 hours prior to travel, as medical forms are required and there are restrictions and conditions that must be met. Canadian North will make a reasonable effort to accommodate any requests made within this time frame.

Click here to view the full requirements for on board oxygen.

Service and Emotional Support Animals

Any certified trained service animals assisting persons with disabilities or injury are accepted with no additional charge. These service animals are carried in the passenger cabin at the customer's feet. Notification must be given to the Meda Desk prior to departure.

Extra Seating

Passengers travelling on Canadian North who are disabled by obesity and require a second, adjacent seat for medical reasons will be entitled to this seat free of charge, provided that the passenger file a completed T43 Incapacitated Passenger Declaration with Canadian North's Meda Desk.* The completed T43 form must be signed by the passenger's attending physician. Section MEDA07 of the form must be completed in full and must indicate that the passenger requires an extra seat due to obesity.

The extra seat approval will be based on the physician's measurements of the patient's width (at hips or waist, whichever is greater) and BMI (Body Mass Index). Extra seat approval will be granted at Canadian North's sole discretion.

If Canadian North approves the extra seat request, approval will be granted for a one-year period. The approval expiry date will be one year from the date the completed T43 form is received by the Meda Desk. The passenger will not be charged any taxes, airport improvement fees or surcharges for the extra seat.

Booking Procedures

Passengers must contact the Meda Desk to make arrangements for the extra seat at least 48 hours in advance of travel. You can choose to either download our T43 form or request our reservations agents to provide a copy via fax or mail. PART 1 must be completed by you, while your attending physician completes PART 2 (section MEDA07 must be completed). The completed T43 form must then be faxed to the Meda Desk. If you are traveling more than once within your one year approval period, you only have to complete one T43 form.

Passengers who require an extra seat for comfort (i.e. not for medical reasons) may purchase one by contacting the Meda Desk.

*NOTE: Canadian North will accept Air Canada's “Fitness for Travel” Form for interline itineraries, so the passenger's physician does not have to complete two forms.

Individual Services

Aircraft Pre-boarding

Pre-boarding is available on all our flights for any passenger requiring a little extra time or assistance, as well as anyone traveling with small children or infants.

Aircraft Seating

You may request pre-reserved seating when making your reservation to suit your specific needs. We can provide such features as extra legroom, removable armrests and proximity to washrooms and exits. 

Meet and Assist

Should you make your special needs available to us at the time of booking, we will be better able to provide you with airport assistance.

Onboard Washrooms

All of our aircraft have washrooms with additional features to assist passengers with disabilities. All washrooms are accessible and are specially designed for ease of use. 

Special Needs Safety Briefing

Individualized briefings will be given upon request to any customers with special needs who are unable to receive all required safety information provided in the general passenger briefing.