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Fees, Surcharges and Taxes

As of January 17, 2013
The following information is for general information on fees, surcharges and taxes that Canadian North collects on its fares. Please refer to specific fares and tax information that can be found on your chosen itinerary for the most up-to-date pricing as fees, surcharges and taxes are subject to change. (Note – this part should really be at the top of each drop-down. )

“Air Transportation Charge”

Air transportation charge includes the base fare (the fare that Canadian North files between two airports), plus the following charges:

  • NavCanada & Insurance Charge
    Canadian North collects $20 per one-way travel to cover fees paid to NavCanada to operate terminal and air navigation systems, as well as to cover insurance costs.
  • Fuel Surcharge
    Canadian North collects $25 - $35 per one-way travel

    The charge that applies in each direction of travel is community dependent, as follows:

    • Within the Qikiqtani - $25
    • Between Iqaluit and Ottawa - $35
    • Between Yellowknife and Edmonton - $25
    • On the MacKenzie Valley - $35
    • Within the Kitikmeot (with the exception of Cambridge Bay)- $25
    • Cambridge Bay - $35

Note: If a fare is broken enroute to take advantage of lower pricing between two communities, fees and surcharges apply to each route where the fare is broken. (i.e. Travel Cambridge Bay – Edmonton via Yellowknife. If there were a seat sale on between Yellowknife and Edmonton, and by booking the sale fare in conjunction with the lowest year-round fare between Cambridge Bay and Yellowknife, the rate is lower than a through fare from Cambridge Bay to Edmonton, surcharges and fees would apply on the Cambridge Bay to Yellowknife portion as well as the Yellowknife to Edmonton portion).

“Including taxes, fees and charges”

This price includes the Air Transportation Charge plus all additional taxes, fees and charges that are imposed by bodies other than the airline.

Airport Fees

  • Airport Improvement Fee
    Edmonton and Ottawa airports charge an Airport Improvement Fee for departing flights. Canadian North collects these fees and remits them to the appropriate airport.
    • Edmonton - $25
    • Ottawa - $20

Government Fees and Taxes

  • Air Travellers Security Charge
    The Canadian Government charges this fee to fund security personnel and the equipment required for security. This $7.12 fee therefore applies in each direction on routes where there is airport security.
  • GST
    GST applies to the base fare plus all surcharges listed above.
  • HST
    HST applies to the base fare plus all surcharges listed above when travel originates from Ottawa.