Baggage Services

If you filed a luggage claim at the airport upon arrival please contact that local airport station for information regarding your claim. The contact phone numbers are included here:

If you filed a luggage claim and it has been more than five (5) days, please call our Central Baggage Services team in Yellowknife toll-free at: 1-888-713-3101, locally at (867) 873-6900 or alternatively you may email A baggage declaration form can be completed and emailed to the Central Baggage Services team or faxed to: 1-867-920-7433.

If you did not file a damaged luggage claim at the airport upon arrival, it is important that you contact the Canadian North Airport that you arrived at within seven (7) days from the date of receipt of the baggage.

In the case of delayed or missing luggage, the complaint must be made in writing within twenty-one (21) days from the date you arrived at your final Canadian North destination. A completed, signed Baggage Declaration form is the official written notice of a claim and failure to complete a claim within the specified time frames may result in no further action against Canadian North. The claim form should be completed in its entirety with a detailed description of each individual item contained within the bag(s), or the items missing from the baggage, including signatures from all persons impacted. If your claim involves more than one bag, please itemize each bag and its contents separately. The accuracy of the information you provide, enhances our ability to locate your property through our tracing efforts. Please retain copies of all documents you send to us, for your records. We sincerely hope our combined efforts result in the prompt return of your missing property.

Download the Canadian North delayed baggage form (PDF)

Completed claim forms with baggage claims checks and receipts for any articles valued over a $100.00 can be scanned and emailed to Canadian North’s Central Baggage Services team at Or faxed to: 1-867-920-7433.

Charter Flights

If you are a charter customer who is employed with one of our charter clients below, please contact your travel-coordinator at the numbers listed below to advise of a delayed or damaged bag:

  • CNRL Support – 1-888-991-9909
  • Imperial/Esso Support – 1-866-997-9330
  • ConocoPhillips Support – 403-717-8822